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Jul 25 2008, 06:50 AM
Jul 25 2008, 12:19 AM
Jul 24 2008, 06:21 PM
i liked it because its really mixed up the couples..and i love that Sami has no one right now..Serves her right for stringing both EJ and Lucas along..
I agree. I love that Days has finally mixed things up and is seeing what works. They already struck gold IMO with EJ/Nicole and Philip/Morgan. I liked the way the elevator sex scenes came out. Lucas/Chloe was a bit forced but still hot and I really like the fact that Sami lost both men. It was a different sort of comeuppance for her.

I thoroughly enjoyed the scenes EJ and Nicole shared. I thought Ari and James really sold those scenes. Not many actors can take a scene in which the couple is trapped in a dark, hot elevator, have the guy calls out another woman's name just as things are heating up and then turn the scene into something romantic! Who would have thought that that could have turned the tide, taking something that started off casual and a bit raunchy and turning it into something tender and sweet? Well done all around. JMO

I was less enthused with the Chloe and Lucas scenes. I liked the banter they shared and I didn't mind the kissing but I think the sex was a mistake. IMO it would have been enough it they had only "almost" had sex. I would have proffered if Chloe had decided she didn't want to ruin their friendship the way she compromised the one she had with Philip because some people can't do "friends with benefits" and she's just a geek at heart.

I do love that Sami lost both men. IMO one of the major problems with the EJami/Lucas nightmare is that Sami is most loved as the feisty underdog. Watching her play both men against each other while she denied what she was doing and played the powerless victim didn't sit well with me. Sami has stopped being a fighter and has become a reactionary character. Sami really needs time to find her independence.

I agree with you about the two "couples". I thought EJ and Nicole worked pretty well and there was a sense of caring about them. Chloe and Lucas left me cold. I just don't see them together.
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