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Jul 27 2008, 12:50 PM
Jul 27 2008, 11:01 AM
I'm loving Nicole now and she may be my favorite female actress on Days. She and EJ are a drop-dead gorgeous couple. I would love for them to end up together. Both are very bright and very ambitious. She is perfect for him.

Say it louder!!! Maybe someone over there will get the hint...
i love them, too. If I was going to allow myself to venture into fanbase, couple-touting territory again, I could seriously ship them. But, alas....my luck with couples isn't very good.

I thought they worked well together even when she was a client. Certainly, AZ brings a lot of nuances to Nicole that weren't there her last round (course, her last round had her pushing flesh eating bacteria into Chloe and having a weird one night last fling with Roman).....
Hey, maybe Melanie is Nicole's child with Roman, crazily SOARASED!!! :D

UGH, I keep hitting the report button when I want to quote LOL I'm assuming you have to hit send or something after you hit the report button so hopefully I'm not annoying anyone...at least not anyone not reading this post.

OK sign me up! I'm loving EJole, I'm loving Nicole and I'm finally loving EJ! :rockon:
Ari and James' talent are well matched. They really sell every scene they share.

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