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This train business is ridiculous! Much like it being impossible for that plane to crash in Greenland given the route from Ireland to the US is nowhere near Greenland, Max and Stephanie needing to SLEEP on a train from Paris to Marseille is also ridiculous and damn near impossible.

The train from Paris Gare du Lyon to Marseille St. Charles, travelling coach on TGV French Day Train (which have no sleeper cars!!!) with no lengthy stopovers or train switching, takes THREE HOURS AND SIXTEEN MINUTES!!!

Are the writers that stupid that they can't do a little RESEARCH before deciding to send their two characters on a train journey in France??? Max was already on that train and talking to Stephanie in Salem before she even left. A flight from the US (let's say NYC) to Paris takes about 6-7 hours. Max would have already long been in Marseille before Stephanie even landed in Paris.
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