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Jul 31 2008, 10:05 AM
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LMAO, Mar will not let Jawn kill Steffy cuz it is against the law, but she will put him in a catatonic state and fool with hospital records and tests to cover her deeds....interesting. *sniff* I smell a Marlena double standard...anyone else?
Maybe Marlena actually cares about John and doesn't want him to be hurt. She did what she did to save John. Seeing two meglamaniacs battle it out over money and power doesn't appeal to me. I know others love it, but that's not for me.
And Marlena may have double standards, but so doesn't every other character on this soap. She's seems to be the only one held to higher standards.
No, Marlena now has double standards out tha wazoo. When I was a kid this character was so different, she was fun and exciting. She was not polluted with the self importence & righteous indignation that I see in her now...Example, her ridicluous celll phone lecture to Trent....OMG, I sat & watched thinking WTF is that? The Marlena I see now is not The Marlena I loved growing up. I hate the way she is written. It is an absolute abomination. I see no caring in her pleas to do right, just a love to be bossy and to lecture...She does what she wants when she wants to.
Just more crappy writing,whoever is going the writing doesn't know the character of Marlena at all,but I LOVE Marlena and I admit thats hypocritical,but then again if someone goes through life and says they've never been hypocritical there a damn liar,everyone is hypocritical at some point,especially a soap opera,ALL characters on soaps are hypocritical at some point.

BYE BYE AVA,I will NOT miss you,I will have a fun party when your gone,Drinks all around.
I agree, very crappy writing. I wish a writer would look back and recapture some of the old Marlena back. Those in recent years have not done Dee's beloved character justice.
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