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Bo springs a wedding on Hope this week, with a little help from their friends. “The idea started back when Bo got sick and was at death’s door,” explains his portrayer, Peter Reckell. “It gave him a new perspective on life. He just wants everybody he loves to know that he love them and the love of his life is Hope, so he wants to do something special. He gets help from all the ladies and it’s a group effort to show Hope how much he loves her.”

Hope is completely unaware that Bo has something up his sleeve. “She walks into the house and what she has on her mind is Philip,” previews Kristian Alfonso (Hope). “And everyone is in her house and it looks like they’ve been shopping for days and didn’t invite Hope. She knows something is up because next thing she knows, nobody is telling her anything and Julie is doing her makeup.” She tries to get the scoop out of Chelsea, who won’t spill. “It’s a sweet little exchange between the two of them,” smiles Alfonso.

Hope sees her dress and is clued in to what’s going on. “Finally, she says, ‘Am I getting married today?’ Maggie gives her something old, which is a sweet little hanky from the Brady hope chest, which she recognizes immediately, and then Kayla gives her something new, which is a bracelet. Julie gives her a necklace, which is her something borrowed, and Chelsea gives her a garter and flowers.”

The bride-to-be is blindfolded and taken to a park by Kayla. “When the blindfold comes off, there’s a beautiful carriage with a driver in front of her, and she goes to turn to Kayla and it’s Bo,” says Alfonso. “It’s a beautiful reveal. They try to recapture what they had experienced in New Orleans 24 years ago and go for a carriage ride and reminisce about what happened there and what it meant to them” “That’s when Hope and Bo feel like they really got married,” adds Reckell, referring to their private ceremony at Oak Alley Plantation in 1984 after making love for the first time. “The other wedding was the legal part.”

After the carriage ride, they head to the church, where family and friends are waiting. “It’s another surprise for Hope,” says Alfonso. “She honestly can’t believe he has taken it upon himself to plan all this for them. The writers did such a beautiful job with the vows. It’s very romantic and it’s not sappy and gushy; it’s truthful and honest and straight from the heart and real. It was just a pleasure to do, and they really did recapture what once was and what is today.”

Alfonso shares that she added a personal touch to the nups. “The ring that Bo gives Hope is actually the ring that my mom gave me that my dad had given to her on her 50th birthday,” she reveals. “I have worn the ring for many, many years on the show, but once Hope threw her ring away, I no longer wore it. It gave me the perfect opportunity to wear this ring to honor my mom. When I saw him pull out the ring, there it was and it was very sentimental.”

After the ceremony, Bo invites everyone back to his and Hope’s house for a New Orleans-style feast. But before they can go, a reporter enters and accuses Bo of suppressing evidence in the Hollingsworth case. “For some reasons, Bo admits it,” laughs Reckell. “ ‘Yup, I took the evidence.’ What the hell is wrong with him? Why does he say that? He just can’t keep a secret! And everybody looks at him and is disappointed. Bo says sorry and Roman hauls him off to jail.”

Which means the honeymoon is on hold – for now.

Pic of KA and PR in the carriage with a caption: Peter Reckell shaved off his beard for Bo and Hope’s nups. But he doesn’t plan to stay that way. “Probably not. It’s just a little stunt for the wedding,” he explains.
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