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Thanks for posting! Wow, I completely agree with him about Sheffer. I never felt that Sheffer understood Stefano's power or the way Stefano was supposed to be interacting with the other characters.

Namely Marlena, who is stuck with a needle this week and paralyzed in the same way Stefano was. “Well, she’s No. 1. He starts with her. I mean, talk about being pissed off. He’s really after her, without any question. It’s interesting because it’s a two-sided coin. She has always been an Achilles’ heel for him; he always cared for her.”
That's exactly it. He's intrigued by her, he's furious at her, he's completely attracted to her. If that can be reflected in the writing, we might actually have a really good story on our hands.

This is a threat that brings John and Marlena emotionally back together, then….”
Sounds good! (But, uh, what comes after the 'then'?)
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