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Jul 31 2008, 02:01 PM
What astounds me is this year is Bope's 25th anniversary since they met. Why not have Bo throw a surprise party in honor of it? I don't begrudge the Bope fans getting a romantic moment and we should get some flashbacks, but a renewal is not necessary for this couple who have been fairly happily married since getting back together end of December 2006. Renewals to me in soapland tend to come with couples who were estranged for a long time but remained married like Jarlena or S/K.

With an anniversary of their first meeting we could get some history of their courtship and instead of comparing present day couples to Bope, how about comparing Chan to Bope's mistakes such as Hope crushing heavily on Roman back in the day and throwing herself at him. It's eerily similar to Chelsea stalking Daniel, except in Dena's warped mind she had the older guy reciprocate.
Great post, Tripp. I'm sure the writers have no idea this is Bope's 25th anniversary. I agree with you about renewals also. This one really seems to come out of the blue. Also, I think this could have been a huge ratings draw, but imo there wasn't any buildup to it, and it hasn't been promoted enough. If the show wants to make a wedding the 'big event of the summer', they should promote it much more heavily than this has been.

And Dragonish1, agree that the writers have ignored Bo & Hope's relationship in favor of this 'gooey-ness'. Just another couple that the writers don't understand (or don't care about).
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