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Jul 31 2008, 01:41 PM
The most interesting part of the interview to me is JM saying Sheffer didn't get Stefano. It's funny, because while I ended up loathing almost every single thing Sheffer did, one of the few things I felt he did well was write good scenes for EJ and Stefano. All the vendetta stuff ultimately was nonsense, of course, but I did think the father-son relationship played out well, although I guess that's primarily due to the actors.
I remember that in another Joe M interview from a month or two ago, Joe mentioned Stefano's riding that little scooter in his criticism of Sheffer. I don't want to put words in Joe's mouth, but I think that was probably one of his main issues with how Stefano was written: Stefano went from a powerful villain to an elderly 'godfather' type of figure. Sheffer might have done the DiMera family interaction well, but Stefano was reduced to the family figurehead, barking orders from the mansion or the hospital rather than being actively involved in the 'villainry' himself. I don't think Joe was ready for Stefano to be reduced to that type of role, and imo the viewers weren't ready for it either.
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