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Modern Love:

When Shawn Christian (Daniel) met Lauren Koslow (Kate) on Days of Our Lives, he didn't know she was a big David Bowie fan. "When I first went into the dressing room to run lines, I opened the door and there was a bunch of Bowie stuff in here," he recalls. "I literally thought, 'Oh, my God, this woman's married to David Bowie (laughs).' I did! Or I thought she was at one point and she hasn't let it go. Or that she's having an affair with David Bowie. Any of the three, right? And my brain is going, "She's beautiful enough, sexy enough, I could totally see Bowie falling for her. But I can't ask that, I don't even know her yet.' I just assumed that maybe they had a thing, or they have a thing. And then I found out she just loves Bowie, so I told her what I thought." Laughs Koslow, who has been happily married to Nick Schilliace for 20 years, "I thought it was so funny!"

Tall Tales:

Standing tall at 5'9" in her stocking feet, Arianne Zucker (Nicole, DOOL) has gotten used to towering over many a leading man. "Poor Roscoe (Born, Trent)," chuckles Zucker, who usually wears heels on the show. "It's really quite funny, I'm a tall woman. It works not making me look shorter than I am, and it adds an element to Nicole," adds the actress. "When I worked with Bryan (Dattilo, Lucas) way back when, it was like, 'Look -- you're putting me with Bryan. Let's just use (the height difference) for everything it's worth." Of course, there is one leading man who really stands up to Zucker: James Scott (EJ), "I love it," grins Zucker. "I can wear 4 inch heels."

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