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Just saw the Thursday episode, and I didn't fall asleep and didn't FF anything so that's a positive. The twins are adorable, and I like how they have Ali resembling Sami and Johnny resembling EJ. James Scott seems very comfortable with the babies, especially since he doesn't have children of his own. I loved EJ telling Sami that she's a different person when she's around Lucas, and not in a good way, and then at the end of the episode we have Sami in Lucas's hospital room and within the first minute she's crying and groveling. Lucas impressed me with his very mature speech about them needing time away from each other to think things through and to see if they want to try again.

So Nick is getting a new and interesting story, finally. He's surfing the web and comes across a cute young party girl lying across her bed, going on and on about her oh-so-fascinating life....wait a minute, that sounds kinda familiar....

I know some people complain that Nicole is showing up all over Salem, in all the stories, but IMO it works. She's really, really good in all these stories, interacting with all these different people. She has chemistry with everyone. She's even made me not hate Chloe! And I don't think that friendship is progressing too quickly. They obviously still carry a lot of baggage from the past and still have trust issues, but they are also finding some common ground and ever so slowly are becoming friendly. Oh, and before I forget--love Nicole's ringtone on her phone. For a minute there I thought she was carrying Pookie around in her purse!
I'm not at all surprised that Nicole's secret was built up over weeks and weeks and then the reveal fell flat. That's the problem with not letting viewers in on the secret; when it's finally revealed, most people have either figured it out or just don't care any more. I can easily think of a dozen ways this could have been handled better, to add some much needed suspense and drama.

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