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Jul 31 2008, 01:44 PM
Jul 31 2008, 01:41 PM
The most interesting part of the interview to me is JM saying Sheffer didn't get Stefano. It's funny, because while I ended up loathing almost every single thing Sheffer did, one of the few things I felt he did well was write good scenes for EJ and Stefano. All the vendetta stuff ultimately was nonsense, of course, but I did think the father-son relationship played out well, although I guess that's primarily due to the actors.
I feel like the brightest spot of Sheffer's reign was the dialogue. I don't know if he's the one responsible or if it was just that he assembled a really good team of dialogue writers, but whatever the case, I thought the dialogue for Stefano was great. For the first time in a long time, he felt like a real character rather than a cartoon villain so much, IMO.

Sheffer's weakness with Stefano is that he really didn't understand the way he should associate with other characters. I mean, at no time should we have actually seen Stefano having lunch with John and Marlena at the Brady Pub. Shit like that just didn't make sense.

It bugs me that Joe completely writes off Hogan as a terrible writer just because he didn't "get" Stefano. I mean, there's more to the show than just Stefano, y'know? Yes, Hogan had weaknesses, but he also had strengths.
ICAM with you on the oddness of Stefano just hanging out with people he tortured.

But I don't blame an actor for considering someone who doesn't get his character, someone who has been a part of Days of our Lives off and on for 20-plus years, a bad writer. It's almost impossible to be a good writer if you don't have a good grasp of the characters you are writing.

Now you are so right that the dialogue was great and there were scenes with Stefano at times that interested me (I think I enjoyed his fake funeral and that DiMera meeting with EJ and Andre fighting) but Stefano at times was too weak and too obsessed with Sami and EJ rather than ALL of the people of Salem he had beef with, especially when it came to John and Marlena who had so much reason to be a part of the return of Stefano and going toe-to-toe with him last summer what with John having been shot and robbed of a kidney as part of DiMera schemes prior to his waking up from a coma but for whatever reason the show just wasted that potential and didn't bother tying John and Marlena into the Santeen shit until way too late and so Stefano's return was just very disjointed and not all it could be.

There was also the issue I think of Hogan falling in love with Andre so much that he played the heavy villain psycho to the point Stefano just really had nothing to do but lay in a hospital bed or pout in a wheelchair as Andre got to have all the fun.
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