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That Higley stuff is off. I read the articles in the magazine and it does seem like some editing happened. Either that or it's just a mistake. Really weird. It's been said re-writes happened so maybe that is why? I also wonder who the hell's idea this was. Higley and Joe make it sound like her idea but Joe has also made it sound like Corday's and Corday made it sound like his as well. Higley didn't seem like a fan of Stefano during her first run and Corday sided with her on it and he was cut loose earlier this year and Joe seemed upset with Corday. Weird. Does anyone know who is behind anything anymore? :laugh:

Honestly, it's weird how we go from a focus on John/Ava, Philip/Morgan/Lucas/Chloe/Sami/EJ/Nicole, Chelsea/Daniel, and Trent/Max/Stephanie with a little Bo and Hope thrown in to John/Marlena/Steve/Kayla/Tony/Anna/Stefano and the players in the Nicole fantasy. It almost feels like two different shows. The show of the last 3 months and the show being previewed in the next two weeks of spoilers. Weird. Something is up.

Joe is right though. Hogan made Stefano human but he weakened him. He seemed to not get Stefano until around the time EJ was shot. That is when Stefano started walking around and seeming formidable again. I will always appreciate what Hogan did in making him realistic again though. He did write some good stuff for him, particularly dialogue. Glad that Joe is optimistic and can't wait to see this. I love that Marlena has to deal with this all on her own. That is classic Marlena to me and should be interesting. So many interesting dynamics with Stefano's return. I can't wait!!
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