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Unlike KMan, I'm shocked people are bashing this the way they are.

I hate that Tanna didn't get a ceremony (and I still think they were meant to be gone but Thaoo's Emmy nod saved him) but I do feel this is necessary.

This is something that is *so" Days. This is the stuff Days always did that many fans enjoyed. Fans wanted romance. Here it is. They wanted proper usage of history. Here it is. They wanted vets. Here they are. They wanted gorgeous settings. Here you go. It fits in with the story. Bope have been through alot and this has been hinted at for awhile. The buildup was there and the surprise element makes it fun. I just love the fact that they are remembering New Orleans and using it as a backdrop. I love the whole carriage thing. Just so wonderful. The gifts...everything. It shows alot of work went into something nice for the fans.

Also, not to push one couple over the other because I can honestly care less, but Bope is like the signature couple of Days. Hope is a Horton. Bo is a Brady. Over the years, fans have never really gotten tired of them, even if they had a crappy story or two. They always seemed like Corday's favorite. Every writer usually uses them, even when they don't have story. They seem the easiest to write for too. Higley seems to really enjoy Bope. She did in her first run. They were the couple she went on and on about and gave the most attention too. I wouldn't be surprised if she did remember it was 25 years since Bope met. She does know the history and has worked at Days for years. I like the fact that this actually marks history in a way.

I also like that it makes for a dramatic moment to the story that has been building steam the last few weeks with Bo and Philip. That scene sounds good. I think Bo going to jail will get him off the canvas for awhile. He's been used alot and I really do think the show is trying not to put too many vets over their guarantees. Plus, it seems like Bo and Hope are not a part of the Olympic stuff or are at least not mentioned so this will tie them up most likely.

Sounds very good. Can't wait for this.
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