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Aug 1 2008, 12:51 AM
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I know J&M fans are going nuts over Ava but I do think in the long run that can be used to help the story and add some depth to it. They can play off the fact that John turned to her and not Marlena and Marlena can realize she needs to accept John and so on. It still fits nicely IMO.
Do you think they'll do that? These writers have no skills in the 'followup' department. Just look at Steve & Kayla. In fact, in the J&M spoilers, John's over Ava in a second. In my mind, there is zero chance that the writers will use the Ava storyline to strengthen the J&M relationship.
Depends on who is writing :laugh: .

From the looks of upcoming spoilers, things seem to be clicking. Regardless, the reason I have hope it will is because they kept making a big deal out of John being drawn to Ava because she accepts him for who he is. There are no expectations. It's the same thing they mentioned when he flirted with Anna and Nicole before and also it was why he bonded with Claire. None of them had any demands or expectations of him. It's the one part of the story that really has been followed through on IMO so I do have some hope they will at least use the Ava aspect in some respect. Doesn't mean they will but I think there is a good chance.
LOL about who's writing. But I'm really not sure what you're saying - you're saying that because John keeps flirting with different women who like the "new John", that will somehow be worked into the story to strengthen the J&M relationship?
Well, I think it could be used to help Marlena come to the realization that John keeps distancing himself from her more and more because she won't even attempt to accept him. She tried briefly but couldn't seem to do it. If they needed too, they could even go back to Marlena leaving twice and use that by having Marlena explain she's scared because she doesn't want to get hurt and she doesn't want to hurt him. She doesn't know what to expect from him or how it would be like being involved with him because he's shady. It's like 1986 all over again. She has to let herself go gradually. She has to learn to trust him and to accept him for all he is and all that comes with him. Meanwhile, he has to learn alot as well.

I know it's hard to trust the show as far as all this goes but I do think the Ava thing will be used as a springboard in some way. I think Marlena will ask John why he turns to other woman and not her after all she's done for him and then it will go from there. I really do think we will at least get that much.
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