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Viewing Single Post From: Dena Higley QUITS SUDS REPORT EXCLUSIVE

Aug 1 2008, 02:39 AM
^Not only that but the ratings drop and Days panics and abandons everything all together. That is why couples are often rushed now. Many feel Philip/Morgan are being rushed but in today's soap world they really aren't. They've interacted since March. Some soaps have a couple together a month and they are having sex. Fans want a quicker pace now so long stories are a thing of the past, really. I don't think that is a bad thing because it's keeping with the times and soaps need to do that while also staying true to their show's roots and to more traditional qualities. You just have to make every scene have meaning and I think you can maintain a quick pace and still make it all work.
Oh, I agree. I've got nothign against the quicker pace. I get it. Today's audience has that MTV-mentality where they want the action NOW. And I have no problem with that. I rememebr once upon a time, fans waited MONTHS for two characters to finally "make love" (THe only time in my LIFE I ever heard sex referred to in that way was on soaps). And that's something I will GLADLY accept to be gone, as a sign of the times.

People have sex sooner now. Whether you agree or disagree with the morality of it, you can't deny it's how the world works now. So I get it - they're going to have sex sooner. But if that's the case, than PLAY OUT THE BEATS. Acknowledge that they had sex, but are unwilling to accept they have deeper feelings for each other. TAKE ME ON THAT JOURNEY. BEcause honestly? If you tell THAT particular story right? It can be JUST as romantic as the stories where you had to wait a year for couples to sleep together. You can get romance out of ANYTHING as long as you PLAY IT OUT.

Sorry... I feel like I'm just repeating myself now. I promise, I'll stop for the night. :-)

ETA: ANd I couldn't agree more with you that Days has a habit of panicking. I truly believe THAT'S the reason why nobody's body is EVER found on Days - because they're WAY too afaid of pissing people off if someone actually DIES. THey ALWAYS panic and go back to their original coupling. In fact, I think it's the ONLY soap (besides MAYBE B&B) that still has that knee-jerk reaction in terms of its storytelling.
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