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Thursday, July 31, 2008
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Just an observation....did you notice how many times I used the word "awesome" in that last post, 20ish minutes ago? It's like it's replaced the word "like" in my vocabulary. This can be blamed on my roommate. She is AWESOME!
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All across the USA
Tomorrow I leave for South Carolina for the weekend, which will bring an end to what will now be known as "my month away from LA". I have been out of town basically this whole month since the show took a two week hiatus at the beginning of July.

My first stop was Hawaii with the family. In celebration of me being nominated (though it would have been even cooler to have celebrated a win! :) ) I took my family to Oahu. As hard as it may be to believe my parents have not taken a vacation or gone anywhere since basically their honeymoon in 1980 or 81? Regardless, it's been a while. So my sister, mom and dad and I took the 6 hour flight and laid on the beach for about 6 days. I had debated bringing a video camera to webisode the whole thing since my sister and I are convinced our family life makes for an excellently entertaining sitcom, but decided against it since it was so hectic. My dad threw his back out our second day there, my sister wouldn't leave Pearl Harbor (history major/teacher), and I was stressing myself out with trying to get us all to where we needed to be on time. However, had there not been chaos or drama, it would not have been the vacation I was hoping for. We all got tan, went parasailing, snorkeling, saw some dolphins, sting rays and turtles, went kaiaking, swam with dolphins, yelled at eachother, got in fights, made up, it was lovely. Until the day we left. My sister and I had such severe sunburns we could barely sit on the plane. Conveniently mine was on my bum from snorkeling. Awesome. I was in utter misery for the 6 hour flight back, but it was an awesome trip.

I came back to LA, worked for two days, then flew out to New York, my first solo trip ever. It was completely awesome! I had been to NY once before with a friend for New Years during the winter, which I still enjoyed regardless of the cold climate, and this was my first time back since. I swear to God, I am in love with that city and need to spend the rest of my life there. I went to see Chicago and The Lion King on Broadway which were both awesome, and I also went to the Met and the MoMa (museums for those of you who aren't familiar). I also met up with Julie Pinson and Billie Warlock, as well as Austin Peck and his family. They are just the coolest of people and I had such a blast with them. Have I ever expressed how much I love Julie? Well in case I haven't, tho I am sure I have, I LOVE HER! She is really like another older sister to me, and I miss her so much. Her house is so cute and I am jealous of her! I swear she is living Carrie Bradshaws life from Sex and the City and I told her she was living my dream. One day. Speaking of SNTC, I went on a tour and got to see all these amazing locations where the show shot during its run. We had a really cool tour guide who filled us in on some cool tid bits about the show that I never knew, it was just totally awesome. Needless to say, it was a really great trip and I had a really hard time leaving and getting on the plane, in fact, I pouted.

During my pouting while waiting for my cursed flight to bring me back to my dreaded home (hehe- drama queen!) I came to find that it was raining outside and therefore, the airport apparently did not know how to function! It rained for a total of 45 minutes but our flight was suddenly delayed for a full two hours. As if that weren't enough, by the time we boarded the plane and pulled away from the gate, the captain told us it would be another two hours before we could depart because the runway was backed up due to the rain. You think they could have figured that out BEFORE we boarded the cramped cabin?! So there I sat, bracing myself for the longest flight of my life! But, much to my luck, the guys sitting next to me were dealing with the same anxiety and clausterphobia as myself, so you know what they say, "misery loves company". It became the most fun flight of my life, and I swear, they were like the funniest people I'd ever met. I'd never laughed so hard during such a sucky situation.

I got back to LA while my new friends from New York were about to enjoy their LA visit, which I may have slightly damped with negativity when I expressed a millions times why New York was SOOOO much better than LA. Haha. ANyway, they had an awesome time here I am happy to report, and I plan on going back very soon. This is what I mean, they say New Yorkers are jaded and mean, I found them very approachable and friendly, it was so easy to talk to people and make friends- at least in my six day experience.

So now I am back in LA, getting ready to leave for South Carolina for the Taylor Youth Organization. It would have been an awesome weekend had I not fallen down the stairs at work yesterday on the way to my dressing room. I am now sporting an awesome Ace Bandage and stellar silver crutches. The dance party on Saturday should be awesome for me, the cripple! Nonetheless I am very enthusiastic about it, especially if it's anything like last year.

Mix all that with my first earthquake experience this past Tuesday, I've had a rockin' July!!!

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