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Aug 1 2008, 02:14 AM
Tim, I could KISS YOU.


The truth is, you can ALWAYS sell fans on something new, as long as you take the time to get them on board. I'm not saying this in an offensive way towards fan AT ALL. But I know there were LOTS of times (Matt and DOnna on AW is a great example) when I heard they were doing something, and I was against it, but the writers took the time with them, and eventually won me over.

I just said this on another board, but I'll say it here too. I have no issues with the IDEAS Days has been putting out there. Chloe and Lucas? Fine. Theo is autistic? Fine. Brady's in rehab? Fine. Just GET ME THERE. DOn't throw it away in a line of dialogue and then expect me to just accept it because you said it.

One of the most important princilples of writing is "PLAY, DON'T SAY" IN other words, don't TELL me how I have to feel about a couple... SHOW me.

ANd that's my biggest (And frankly, my ONLY) complaint with Days for the last six months. They're telling me things and not showing me things.

Wow, I got off-topic. Sorry. The reason why I wanted to respond to this is because you made an EXCELLENT point. If you screw up, don't backtrack. Accept it, and then use your creativity to get me where you originally wanted to go (but got off track somewhere along the way). I think it was your #4 and #5 points.

Becuase (And I cannot stress this enough - this is in NO WAY a judgment re: fans) I really believe you can get me ANYWHERE on a soap, get me rooting for ANYONE, no matter how long I may have hated them - as long as you take the time to show me WHY I should care.

Nicole's a great example. When she was first introduced, she was just a bitch. Smarmy, slutty, one-note. Then when they brought the father issue thing in there, both the fans AND the actress found something to latch ONTO. ANd many people's opinions changed.

Thanks, PhoenixRising. For always being a voice of reason. :-).
Your post is fantastic, too!

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