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Both Phoenix and Brimike made some excellent points. And they both addressed why I decided to stop watching. I get that maybe my favorites wouldn't be on all the time or even together at the end. I use the Shelle/Phelle pairings. The first time Philip/Belle were married, she COMPLETELY used him to get over her feelings for Shawn. She never really cared about him as more than a friend. Belle only stayed with him because "Perfect Girl" wouldn't abandon a marriage. Both guys came off as idiots who followed her like a lost puppy. With the quad that started up after Tinda Lao we started to see why Belle was really attracted to Philip. The story was actually showing how she was torn between the two guys and the two sides of herself. Shawn was the choice that wouldn't always be easy but it was the one everyone thought she would make. Philip on the other hand would be an easy life but wasn't the choice everyone expected her to make. She was battling between "Perfect Girl" that did everything she was always suppose to do and "Adult Belle" who saw life wasn't the fairy tale she always thought.

But then we get a writer's change, everyone makes ups and forgives after one discussion on a plane ride to Ireland (I will say the life or death situation on the plane is a time where people reevaluate their choices, but still things were heading that way before that). We get a day or two with Theo showing signs of autism and a day later he is diagnosed and that is it. There isn't the build up anymore. It is part the fans fault, but also the fault of the writers for thinking the fans can't handle the build up needed. We are not five year olds that need to be told what we like and what we don't like.

Even in those short few months we saw a story developing and that was one reason there were so many excited about it and why you had some many fans of different pairings. We weren't being told, "This is the couple to cheer for". That was always my biggest problem with the whole Shelle/Shimi thing. It always came off that one week Shelle fans were made happy and the next week Shimi fans were. They would never pick out a definite position and go with it. I have seen the same with the whole Ejami/Lumi debates, which is one reason I try to stay out of those debates.

There isn't one magic band-aid that is going to fix all of this mess. But there are things that can be done that would heal the problems slowly. I just don't know if Days has the time to do it anymore. There are many fans (such as myself) that have given up because there are so many times you can get burned when you were told one thing and something completely different happened.
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