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I don't think the whole "rushing it" thing is the fans fault. They're not the ones that are running the show and making things happen. It's not the fans fault that the producers, writers and executives get all scared and hit the "Emergency - Press to Change Direction!" button whenever a group of fans cry and whine about something.

The writers and decision makers, in this case, are the ones that dictate where the story is going. And honestly, they may want something now, now, now.. but if you actually space it out in an interesting manner, they will watch. And if you cut it off too early and it flops, you just know those same fickle people are going to go "Well, see, they should have done a better job with the story!" The last good job they did of building a couple and spacing out the time they wait to make love was Shawn and Belle up until captain dipshit came in and fucked that pairing up the ass with a rusty spork with that mass crapfest of fakeouts and crappy "Oh, so he was locked in a cage for a few months and manipulated by Jan Spears? Eh, that don't impress me much." story development.

The point is that even long builds can work today if they're done right. They have control over what their audience gets and how long it is until they get it. All it takes is a little effort and not giving into that "low attention span" talking point as if it's some fact. It's not. It's all in the presentation, execution and choice of talent you use. The writers should take the wise words of the voice in the cornfields of Iowa - "If you build it, they will come."
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