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I dont get why some fans are still trying to force John and Marlena on us all when even the actors playing them dont even want to be coupled anymore.
Well I don't think that is true. Drake is having fun with his new character but they both know the importance of their coupling. They always have. And they both know they will end up together in the end. And I know Dee is a big supporter. If they weren't still very important to the show, then the play-by-play of their story would not be on the cover of the mags every week. Not that it should matter what the actors want anyway, as demonstrated by this so-called Diva who is claiming to write the show. They are paid to act, not write.
then why was he holding chats to get people to throw their support behind Jate???
Umm, I do not think that was the purpose of the chat. He was doing that to appease the 7 Drakers that are obssessed with him and all have multiple screen names throughout the Internet and hate everything Marlena/Deidre, one in particular who posts on this board. It seems like there are more of them than there actually are. And if you read that chat, which I have, you will notice that it doesn't come across like a man was typing those responses to the posters. I have no proof of that, it is just my opinion.

Anyways, that was over three years ago, and there is way more to that story than most people know. But, I'm not going to get into that. He loves Dee and John and Marlena. All you have to do is listen to interviews and watch clips from their trip to Australia in 2007 to see that.
Yeah, I know the backstory, too, and my perspective, i suspect, is a LOT different than yours. I was there and saw the hell that broke lose on SC and the wailing and gnashing of teeth because Drake DARED to have a chat with Lauren and express an opinion contrary to what some expected him to have. How DARE he even consider the Jate fans? :huh: ^o)

I also recall the nasty, nasty, DAMN nasty things that happened at fan events in reaction to this and cannot even comprehend the vasty immaturity of a bunch of so-called grown-ups that consider themselves "adults"

And, I think that's an insult to Drake's fans by saying SEVEN of them. THIS, my friend, is an attitude that causes a lot of the bullshit on Days and makes the powers that be do their stupid asinine dance to make everyone happy.

But, like you said, that was three years ago. Get over it.
OK, I'm done. :soapbox:
I apologize if it came across that I think Drake has 7 fans. That is not it at all. Drake has a very large fanbase. But there are a select few that are referred to as the Drakers, and their sole intent is to bash Marlena. As soon as he even so much as looks at another woman, they claim what awesome chemistry they have together and that it is unconditional love. It could be a blow-up doll, just as long as he is not with Marlena. Their arguments are completely unoriginal and irrational. They just say the same things over and over. And many have a handful of screen names. Drake could be discovered to be the leader of Al Qaeda, and they would defend him.

I love Drake. I have since I started watching. I don't particularly care for Jawn but that is neither here nor there. And I don't deny that Drake can create some chemistry with other actresses either. I just strongly prefer that he be with Marlena. Or AT LEAST, if they are going to pair him with someone else while they are apart, as they always do, let Marlena have some fun too. If they did that, maybe she wouldn't come off looking so self-righteous all the time. Then let them find their way back to each other. Instead, they just have her pining over him all the time, which is annoying. She went from the affair in 1993 to their 1997 reunion without a companion. She's been with two people since 1986. John and Roman. Give my girl another love interest once in a while. Honestly, back when I actually enjoyed the writing on Days, John and Marlena's storylines were of much better quality when they were not together, but finding their way to each other. Once they finally put them together, they didn't know how to write for them. And now every time they are apart, John is sleeping with somebody else. It has just gotten really old for me.

And yes, that was 3 years ago, so it doesn't really matter now. But I was actually referring to something else more behind the scenes that happened. I don't claim to know what went on at his event. Nor would I ever approve of anything bad happening to him as a result of his opinion.
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