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I remember when rooting for ďyour coupleĒ meant crying in front of the TV screen as Payla and Bope said their wedding vows to each other or when Bope fans watched as Bo and Billie made love for the first time and they screamed their lungs out at the TV. Iím sure many of those same people wrote letters to the execs voicing how they agreed or disagreed about that and other decisions. Then came internet and with that message boards, closely followed by fanbase forums. Somewhere along the way, from that point, the lines between reality and fiction have been blurred. Weíve gone from writing a simple letter to someone in the higher-ups of a TV show to radical internet behavior like gay bashing, calling people out as rape lovers/rapists, pedophiles, lunatics, losers etc. etc. I speak from personal experience because I was on both sides of the interchanges at one point or another. What is that shit? I mean when you take it to that kind of an extreme itís no wonder people lose respect for each other. Itís a fucking fictional show for Peteís sake! Then you have the infamous fanbase wars, which I am embarrassed to say I have participated in, in the past. Luckily, I have figured out I had a brain, I used it and am no longer involved in that kind of petty crap.

Let me preface the following statement Iím going to make by saying that I am not pointing a finger to any particular fanbase, this is a generalized statement about ALL of them.

Basically, the writers listen to one fanbase, then the opposing one steps in and you have a virtual tug-of-war going on with the writers in the middle [insert political cartoon here]. One fanbase doesnít get what they want, they stop watching. Then if the other doesnít get what they want, they stop watching. Then you wonder why the ratings are in the slumps. Itís not right and itís not fair to the show itself. At this point, I think itís really just too late altogether and thatís why soaps will never be the same in general. The writers have allowed the fanbases to dictate the shows to the point that they are in an inevitable downward spiral. I can only speak for Days because itís the only soap I watch, but Iím pretty sure that the ratings are shitty at the moment due to the writing for ALL characters sucking ass. :lol: Itís not the power of one fanbase over another right now with Days IMO. Iím sure Days lost a lot of viewers when word got out that Higley was the new writer either way.

At any event, I will use myself as an example. I have been a LONG TIME Sami fan, I will continue to root for her to see the light and be with EJ and I hope that they are endgame. Now, am I gonna stop watching the show because they decide to have EJ and Nicole have a romp in an elevator. No. In reality, the guy has been after Sami for two fucking years, sheís given him the run around more times than I care to mention, it gets tiresome. Does he still love her? Yes. Does he love him? Itís obvious she does. I donít want to watch this merry go round any more though. Let him have his fun. Sami has ALWAYS had a couple of screws loose and needs psychiatric help. Until SHE gets her shit together EJami will NEVER happen.

With that being said, my point to all of this is that the fans that are truly a fan of the show itself would see past all of this and work together with other fans that may not be rooting for the same couple to SAVE DAYS from further ratings slumps. The show is what truly matters, if you donít have that you donít have a couple to root for period.
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