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Aug 1 2008, 12:58 PM
Not sure why this is painted as all being Mr. Scott and Ms. Sweeney's fault. Sorry, Higley doesn't get a shred of support from me, as it's because of her that Mr. Scott had to put his career on the line, in an attempt to save this show.

The actor maintains his latest return is open-ended. Sorry, Jarlena!

Not a clue what you meant by that, but this John and Marlena fan is pleased to have Joe back. Infact, I am greatly looking forward to the upcoming scenes with Stefano and Marlena. :biggrin:
Higley and the squealer made it Scott and his pal's fault. I doubt either of them did anything just for the sake of messin' with Higley because if there is one thing that Scott and the actors want its to stay on the air so if they did all of this stuff its because it needed to be done to save the show from Higley.
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