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Viewing Single Post From: Dena Higley QUITS SUDS REPORT EXCLUSIVE

Jul 31 2008, 02:07 PM
I think the actress that plays Nicole is the secret actress. She is in every freaking scene and storyline.
God she is annoying. And when is Nelson going to say something. Anything? Do you think at some point he has to address the breaking story that he put out there? One way or the other I want to know what happened. If this is how Higley saved her ass from the chopping block and got away with it, I will be pissed.
I may agree. Nicole is really getting to show her range with this story. But you know, Ali, I could never see doing this (being 'the diva') so that's why I find it funny when others say they could never see Dee or anyone else be the diva, based on all their interviews and everything else. This is GOING to be someone none of us would suspect, I'd take it. Not everyone shows 100 percent of themselves to the world.
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