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Just watched today's show...
I just have to say I am so proud of Lucas lately. He is being smart, mature, responsible, rational...so many things he wasn't last year. THIS is the Lucas I love. I love how he totally spoke the truth about Sami...how crazy she can be/non stop/irrational...and how Chloe is so not like her. I can see why he would be interested in her.
Maggie was odd in how she pushed for Sami...hasn't she been paying attention to what he was saying? I also love how Maggie couldn't tell Lucas that Sami and EJ were living together, but she has no problem blabbing about Luloe sexavator and how Sami would be upset to see Chloe there. Just weird.

Love EJ/Nicole today. When Sami isn't around, I really pull for those two because they are cute together. I did read a speculation that Stefano planted Nicole to break up EJami and if that is the truth, I will be disappointed. It seems like those two are genuine, and I enjoy their scenes and chemistry.

Phorgan wasn't too bad. Phillip/Bo was refreshing...kind of weird to see Bo get all covert and suspicious about protecting Phillip. Never thought they were close, but I guess it is nice. It was nice to see Hope with Doug, and isn't she such a sleuth figuring out everything. Too bad the Salem PD can't put their detective skills to use for black glove, EJ's shooting, John's shooting, Stefano antics, etc like they are for Paul Hollingsworth.

I thought it was a decent show.
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