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I liked Phorgan today. He was charming and teasing and Morgan was not crying (such a plus), her makeup and hair looked wonderful (also a plus), and the look of horror when she realized he heard her admit to loving him almost makes up for the fact they rushed that. Not sure about the whispering thing but I'll let it go. I'd rather they go down the road of Philip teasing her that she loves him over and over instead of admitting it back but I know Dena can't stand to not rush couples so I won't hold my breath.

Loved the EJole scenes. I just get this feeling of EJ respecting Nicole so much more than I ever got between EJami.

I do like Lucas and Chloe. Not happy with Maggie interfering but what else is new. I wish BD would keep his voice at that level all the time, he does soft spoken very well.

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