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Aug 1 2008, 09:04 AM
Do they really listen to the fans? I guess the evidence that they do is that they are bringing Stephano back. But that to me is more because the actor was discussing how poorly he thought he was treated. So I guess they are pushed around by fans and actors, too. And her I was thinking they were listening to the strange little voices in their heads. Someone needs to grow a pair over there and write a show that they believe in and have the cojones to stick with it. Nah, that will never happen.

Why the silence from tptb and Nelson regarding riveting revelations. Lawyers? Or just hoping it goes away. Maybe the lawyers can write the show. Jesus.
I don't think Stefano coming back is due to fan outcry but rather ratings. I think Corday is doing it as a ratings ploy. It did help June 2007 (although ratings tanked again afterwards due to the story and quality just not being there) when Stefano returned and maybe it can help now that they have hit new lows again in August 2008.

But if the show is not good - Stefano's return not good - then it won't matter. Ratings might come up for a few weeks but they will go right back down.

I think Corday also tries to give the new headwriter a chance with the vets/names to bring ratings up before he decides to officially let them go. This is Dena's chance to prove herself with the supposed A-list talent available to write stories for. As we see, heavy Jarlena, Bope romance, Stefano's return, throw Tony in the mix. If the writer still can't get the ratings out of the gutter then they are not worth their salt and they are let go.
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