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Every time I see Doug and/or Julie on the show, I get excited. It's like seeing an old friend again. Even better, I had no idea Doug was going to be on today, so it was a nice surprise. Good to see Hope is using her brain; the Salem PD would be much more effective if they would just put her in charge. I'm glad Bo finally admitted what he did, although I still think he was stupid for doing it. Yes, I know he did it for Victor and Philip--his family--but in the process he's put the rest of his family and his career at risk. I could understand it more if he knew 100% for sure that Philip was innocent and was being framed, but he didn't know that. He chose to believe Philip and Victor with no proof. He knows what they are capable of--these are not law-abiding, Boy Scout type people we're talking about--and shouldn't have been so quick to believe them.

Lucas was actually making sense today. I'm glad he's finally recognized what a toxic relationship he has with Sami. It was annoying how Maggie kept arguing against him, though. She knows what those two have done to each other in the past and should be pleased that Lucas wants to take some time and think things through.

The first part of the week was bad, but things are picking up. I'm looking forward to August, based on a couple spoilers I know about.
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