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^Bo would've never done it had it not been for Victor's being in such a precarious state, health-wise. The fact that Victor was near-death and getting all worked up...it was more or less a reaction to all that. You could tell it was Bo gave it to him and immediately regretted it. I think it was just the circumstances. That is why I'm not hung up on Bo doing it because it makes sense. It also explains why once people seem to figure out or get close to what is going on with him, he tells them the truth. He did it with Steve and now with Hope. It's his conscience talking and he knows he did wrong in the heat of the moment and is taking responsibility for it. He knows both Steve and now Hope aren't stupid so trying to snow them would just make things worse, hence why he admitted everything to them.

I will comment more on today later but I must say today didn't even feel like the same show. It actually reminded me of something out of Hogan's reign. Longer scenes, character interactions, family relationships on display...Linda-Poindexter Brown wrote the script today (she used to not have the Brown on her name so much be she got married or something) and it was great. She writes once in awhile and today she wrote a great episode. Loved it from start to finish. The show had a very different feel today. It was good feel. A cohesive feel.
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