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I too am tired of this John. He is an a--hole and the writers have succeeeded in turning part of teh J&M base against him. I and many others don't want him, as is, anywhere near Marlena.

The writers also need to give Marlena something to do rather than throwing her into random non-sensible scenes like the one with Trent and the cell phone or the one with Victor at the Bar or the one with her having the same conversation with Roman that they had the week before. It is clear that they don't have her in a s/l and simply plop her into scenes so that her fans show up once a week to watch the show. Many of us have already tuned out because of John and Ava but since we love Deidre/Marlena we want to see her no matter what. But this is simply getting embarrasssing when all she has to do is be the Java Cafe phone and line police. I hate Dena Higley!

I hope somebody else wrote the s/l for the olympics because I am looking forward to seeing Stefano and Marlena. Steffy can really run nuJohn over again and transplant him into someone with some feeling because the robot is played!
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