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Steve Frame
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All this just goes to prove what I have been saying in the other thread and on other boards - what is being said in this thread just goes to show why in the hell the powers that be don't know what to do anymore. Fans confuse them so much that they are left not knowing whether to scratch their watch or rewind their butt.

I mean just look at the stuff on the boards in the last 6 months:

Goutman doesn't listen to fans - he's a bastard.
Corday listens to fans - he's a bastard.
Higley does something wrong, going behind the WGA's rules - she's a bitch.
Higley gets interfered with - good going for corday and Ed.
Sheffer gets interfered with - they should leave him alone.
ABC fires vets - they are heartless bastards.
CBS fires a vet - they are bastards.
Days fires Frank Parker and possibly fired Drake Hogestyn - it had to be done; it's okay.
James Scott & Allison Sweeney & Ed Scott possibly went against WGA rules - it's okay and really truthfully it is Higley's fault that they had to do something illegal.
Ken Corday did something against the WGA rules to hire a scab writer - he's a bastard.
Jackie Zeman gets put on recurring - ABC again are heartless bastards.
Message boards put out that Days may have to cut a few folks - message boards all across the Internet say it would be okay if Suzanne Rogers and other long time vets went to recurring if it would save the show

I mean how in the hell are they supposed to know what decisions are okay by reading these message boards. It just proves my point that fans just really don't know what they really want. It all comes down to how well you are liked by people. One person can do the same exact thing as another and if he or she is liked that person is excused while the next person is not.

How in the hell do we even know that if Ali Sweeney did do this or James Scott did do this or whoever did it that their motives were to save the show. They could have been purely selfish motives. We do not know what they were. And it just gets into dangerous ground when we send out a message to actors or whoever that it is okay to do something wrong as long as your interntions are right.

Even if they were good intentions what they did was wrong, and could very well end up being bad for Days. And then the last laugh will be on them.
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