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Jul 30 2008, 12:57 PM
I'm new to this board, but I've watched Days for 40+ years. I have been a fan of most of the major characters on Days over the years... as individuals and as couples. Conflict is good, change is interesting, and new characters can add to the show. BUT, it all depends on how it's written and how that writing helps the audience become invested in the story.

It's natural to root for couples you like and have become invested in. Drake came to Days to re-establish Marlena with Roman. The audience wanted Marlena back with Roman (other attempts at pairing someone with Marlena didn't work). When Deidre left the show Drake had 5 years of his own story lines and other partners. After Deidre came back it took some time for them to start being written as a "couple" again. It's not like he's been glued to J&M for his whole tenure at Days. Even when they were in love, they often weren't together, and he was ALWAYS with someone else. So, some of his point of view I don't understand. He has hardly been in a rut for over 20 years! While I understand he is enjoying playing a new character, I do take some of his comments as a slam to John fans and J&M fans.

I'm part of the J&M fan base. But, I am primarily a Marlena fan. If they weren't together and her character was written well and in an interesting sl, I wouldn't tune out. When they're not together and Marlena is so OOC that I hardly recognize her, I tune out. I don't think couples fan bases are insisting on smooth sailing for their couples. I think they just want them in character and in good stories with some pay-offs along the way.

Just my humble opinion. :wave:
Nicely said. I totally agree. :)
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