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Aug 1 2008, 04:36 PM
I understand Victor's health backed Bo into a corner, but he still withheld the tape as soon as he found it, before Victor even knew about it--or am I remembering it wrong? I understand protecting family (and loved hearing Doug's take on the situation), but I still feel Bo made a huge mistake. I know he's feeling guilty over it and I'm glad he's admitting to Steve and Hope what he did, but it's just another sign of the Salem PD corruption and it's disappointing. However, I'm now going to disagree with myself because I have a BIL who's a police detective and if he had incriminating evidence on a family member I believed to be innocent, I'd do whatever I could to get his "help". So I can see it both ways! Whatever...at least it's giving Bo and Hope a story and some conflict.
Bo was one of the detectives on the case. Hope left to take Morgan home and Bo was left with the package. He found the tape and played it. He then went to the hospital to question Philip, which is exactly what he should've done. He then saw Victor and he clearly felt that Victor probably assisted Philip in covering it up, which is logical since he only recently took over. He went in and I think he was going to be easy on Victor and simply do some light questioning but Victor knew once he took a look at Bo that Bo had something on Philip and then Victor and Bo fought, his machines went haywire, and Bo gave in during a heated moment and you could tell once he left that rook he regretted it. That is when he began lying to Abe and everyone right after that so he didn't withhold anything until that point.

Anyway, as I said, today was so different. After a crappy start, Wednesday and Thursday showed slow improvement and today was just a well-written show. It felt like a Hogan-esque show with the longer scenes and family relationships on display.

It was very nice to see Hope in detective mode. She is truly the brains on the PD. Loved her scenes with Roman and the tech and then her scenes with that Java cafe worker (he's a pretty good extra). I like how everything fit together and how the Ava scene at the end of Wednesday tied in with today. It shows continuity. Hope/Doug was so cute. KA does light up with him and loved them mentioning Doug's past. The end scene with Bo and Hope was very good. Nice way to end the week. Bo knew she had him beat and that lying would make no difference, much like it wouldn't with Steve last week. Very good end to the week. I did like the Shawn/Belle mention too. Seems Shawn got a buzz cut. That seemed a bit weird to mention. I mean, sure you can mention them but it was out of the blue and why were they so detailed about it. Makes you wonder if they may be considering bringing them back soon.

The Bo/Philip stuff was so nice to see. I love how they tied it in with the hospital scene between Philip and Bo back in March and then talked about how their relationship was nothing. The whole talk about Bo ignoring his Kiriakis roots and now realizing he can't escape them was such a good scene. That is why I like this story. It forces him to confront that part of himself. Loved their scenes today.

Maggie/Lucas was my other favorite part. It's been awhile since we had any focus on the Horton's and any focus on this special relationship. These two always light up together and today is an example of what I mean by every scene having meaning. Today made more sense out of the Lucas/Chloe/Sami nonsense then the past month combined. I understand where Lucas is coming from. Now I actually can get into Chloe/Lucas because I understand the motivation on his side. What I liked the most is that it didn't feel like they took this shit off message boards and tossed it in. It felt real and it was well-done. I like how they discussed how tough incarceration can be too. Suzanne (who looked amazing) and Bryan were great today and kudos to the makeup stuff because the work on Lucas was amazing. Loved them mentioning Smith Island. Great use of history and I guess we will be seeing it soon. Nadia has been solid this week too. The last few episodes she's really shown improvement. She's not laying it on so thick and isn't so monotone. Maybe she's trying to prove herself.

EJ/Nicole was fantastic too. I just love these two. My favorite couple right now. They just click and I like him telling her how happy he was she told him everything and their scheming to get Trent should be fun. I love this side of EJ and Nicole and them working together should be good.

Finally, enjoyed Philip and Morgan and I liked their talk. I like how Philip acknowledged how fast it's been and how it sneaked up on them due to everything that has happened. I also loved the scene where he whispered to her how he felt. So cute. I'm liking where they are going with these two. There's been enough buildup and now I want to see the relationship continue to progress.

Just a wonderful show and now we get the next two weeks, which look superb. I'm with Kirk...Clem Egan and Linda Poindexter-Brown are solid. I would use them more often. They've done a nice job with the limited work they've done. Today was a very pleasant surprise and very well-written IMO,
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