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Wow...I got all teary eyed LOL.

Seriously, they really went all out. Making it like New Orleans, the carriage, everyone being there...love it. I hope this brings some fans back. The vows seem very emotional too. The whole thing just looks great. Loved that they went on location for it. Everyone looks great. I like the idea of them getting married because of everyone they've been through the past few years with Zack, the plane crash, Ava, and Bo's illness. Plus, after Hope threw her ring away in 2006, I've wanted her to get a new one. Now she will and I love the whole story behind the ring too, as was mentioned in SOD.

I do prefer PR with the beard too LOL. I also laugh seeing Steve and Kayla there because they've never witnessed a Bo and Hope wedding. Did anyone notice Victor is there in a wheelchair? I guess he's recovering LOL. Glad he made it though. It prevents people from ,saying Bo and Hope are selfish doing this when he is in the hospital. I see Kate is there too so she can save us from Chan hell :laugh: .

This is easily the best promo since March...hell, since February. The next few weeks may be the best since February. It's good to be excited about what is to come and to see so many others excited too. I hope NBC and Days promote the upcoming stuff heavily with the Olympics coming and all.
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