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Aug 2 2008, 08:59 AM
I am so glad Ava is leaving. She was completely unnecessary in the John/Marlena or the John v. Phillip or the John v. Paul storyline other than to piss off three quarters of the Jarlena fanbase. This convoluted mess that is NuJohn and all that he is involved in was full of conflict without adding yet another interloper. I mean he and Marlena were not together before Ava, so what was the point. They aren't together now and many Jarlena fans are returning next week to see, not J&M but John v. Stefano and Marlena v. Stefano.

As bad as Stefano is and as much trouble and mayhem as he has caused our couple, we love his kind of conflict. The badder the better.

Destroy the stupid disc.
Bring on Stefano and lets get ready to rumble! :cheer:
I agree. Stefano is always best when he is involved with John and Marlena.

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