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Aug 2 2008, 09:54 AM
Jul 25 2008, 12:46 AM
I will agree that moving Marlena to the background was stupid. I didn't mind her leaving town twice because I do think they wanted to limit her appearances knowing full well they were going to use her alot once Stefano returned. They don't want to go over the guarantees too much because they have alot of vets.

I really do wish they kept going with Marlena and Victor. It would've been fun having her counsel him or even having her counsel Ava for a bit. I would've liked more Marlena on her own, just like we got John on his own. I think any chance of an individual Marlena story went out the window when John came back.

The writers are at fault but the supercouple thing does box them in. I think a third party is fine. The only problem is they wrote Marlena horribly around the time Ava was tossed into things so that pissed off fans as it is and made them feel like Marlena was being slighted for a new woman. It was just bad timing IMO. I don't think many J&M fans would've saw the situation any differently but perhaps it would've been a bit better had Marlena had better character direction. She didn't seem to get that until her return in mid-June when the disk drama picked up. Then we saw what she wanted, which was her "Old" John back. That is the direction she has now and that's fine. I'm glad they picked a direction. It should've been that way in May.

This was a great opportunity to try something new with John being this way so I'm glad they tried John and Ava. Hell, it did add to the story as it showed how John longs for acceptance of the new him. I think it all came together pretty well with the exception of the writing for Marlena at times.
ITA! I wasn't fond of the story at first, particularly when Ava got involved with John, but then the writer's kinda hit us over the head with a sledgehammer that Marlena couldn't accept him. I don't have to like John and Ava together, but I certainly understand John being drawn to someone who likes him for himself when no one else gives him a chance. I think Ava has served a purpose, but I'm somewhat sad that I haven't seen Marlena realize that he is drawn to Ava because she didn't belittle who he is.

I hate what the writer's have done to Marlena. I've always loved how perceptive and skillful she was at reading and understanding people. She hasn't been that Marlena at all. As much as she grieved for John (you could feel her pain and loneliness), I just don't see her acting like this. The man she loved had his memories taken from him. The Marlena I love would have loved him first, and worked on his memories later. She was almost shrewish over that disk. That is not Marlena.

I hope things are moving in the right direction now. I'm glad to see Deidre so excited about what's coming up. I'm looking forward to it.
good post. Marlena's character has been poorly written too in this Jawn story.

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