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Aug 2 2008, 10:05 AM
Jul 25 2008, 03:08 PM
Jul 24 2008, 08:26 AM
I really don't think that Drake is a J&M fan. Every opportunity he's gotten to have John paired with a new woman, he's been totally gung-ho for it. He was pushing Eileen Davidson to return when Y&R let her go last year. He seems really intrigued with John/Ava. And didn't he have a chat with JATE fans a few years back in which he told everyone to hope that Marlena stays dead forever?

Not to mention that he doesn't want to play John anymore -- he's all about "Jawn."

Everything that comes out of Drake's mouth tends to make him sound like a very, very anti-J&M guy.
I don't think he's anti-J&M. I think he's just bored. In the same scenes with the same actors and saying the same thing everyday.
I think he just enjoys interesting storylines that shake things up. Everything he said was dead on. I hated the Kate/John story back when he was addicted to drugs, but I remember him saying while it was very difficult, he enjoyed doing something different and that it gave him a new appreciation for being back with Marlena when they reunited. Unfortunately, the North s/l came in hot on the heels of the reunion, and I found that one more difficult to take than this current s/l, but you have to give a storyline a chance. Change isn't a bad thing, it keeps it fresh. It doesn't mean he never wants to get back with Marlena. The road isn't always smooth. Conflict is good!
Conflict is good and I agree he may be bored with old hero John. But this is how we J&M fans feel:

J&M have not been together and on for years now because:

2005 - John with Kate & Roman with Marlena on the stupid Island
2005-2006 - Alex North is the interloper and brainwasher in the middle of J&M.
July 2006 - October 2006 - J&M come back from Alex s/l and are off screen and separated for no apparent reason.
October 2006 - December 2006 - J&M back from separation, go to smokey robinson ski log and 3 to 4 lovey dovey J&M scenes
December 2006 - January 2007 - Italy wedding and two weeks of happiness before John is shot and in coma
January 2007 - June 2007 - J&M bb, John in Coma.
June 2007 - October 2007 - J&M were on a total of 12 times, 8 of which they were reading stupid letters. October 2007 - January 2008 - John dies and of course, no J&M.
January 2008 - August 2008 - John comes back from the dead. He is not John and he and Marlena are not together.

From our perspective J&M have not had a s/l since Alex North (2006) and even then two years ago it was about yet another triangle/interloper. We have simply had it with triangles and other people coming into their s/l's.

Drake thinks he's bored, we're bored with this same triangle s/l with J&M. Noone has had as many interlopers as we have had, noone. This s/l was fine with just amnesia, bribery, drugs, money, and power struggles. Adding Ava was simply the starw that broke Jarlena fans back and many of us simp;y tuned out.

You alll don't have to agree with us because your not invested in J&M but for those of us that have held on through all of the above since 2005 have a right to our opinions about our favs and the awful twist in this s/l that is supposedly for us! :soapbox:
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