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ITA, with you all!!!

Has any of these writers "ever" had a real relationship...or even real romance!! They sure need to get the gist of how to write them!!!

The worst part is writing the character to "fit the s/l"...that just makes everyone wonder "where did that come from"???
You have to fit the s/l around the characters true personality!!
They have "killed" the happy family that is the basis for the show. I know everyone can't be happy all the time, BUT the anchored couples should be the anchor of the show. Then the new s/l /new characters evolve and the anchor family solves their problem.... they can't always BE the problem!
Things have to have a consistency, you have to become invested in a character, relationship, etc., if not...no one cares enough to want to find out what is going on...hence, the free of all we have now!!
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