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I think when tptb were trying to make us hate all the older characters--the reading and sitting around, the gross make outs, (that would never have happened that way)...was just their way of getting us to "hate" the characters, lose interest in them, so they could get rid of them!! Hence John's "accident"???? Was it just the beginning of the way they were going to go???

On what the actors say in interviews-- They are "told" what to say about the s/l's, they want their fans to think it is the way the actor wants things to go, hoping to make the fans feel the same. (I have a dear friend that works there, and this is what happens, even when a star is "hyping" a new movie coming out)...ie.."It's the best part I've ever had", etc...
Their interviews are just another "script" to "perform"...
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