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Steve Frame
Aug 2 2008, 02:35 PM
Aug 2 2008, 01:02 PM
So you want the show to tell you who or what to root for instead of deciding that for yourself.
I can't speak for who that was directed to, but I can speak for myself.

Many times in my 38 years of watching soap operas story has dictated who I root for. I for one do not get stuck on one character and root for them no matter what - never have and never will. I don't even pick one type of character and always root for them.

Direction of story and so forth do that for me. That is what being a fan of the whole show means. I have always been a fan of Sami and even though I didn't root for her many times, I still enjoyed her. But the direction of the way she has been written last year and even some this year have ruined the character for me. I cannot root for the whiny little wimpy Sami at all.

Often times characters do things that are inexcusable - even characters I have rooted for in the past. I was a big EJ fan until he raped Sami. That caused me to no longer root for him. I still like James Scott, but the direction of the story caused me not to root for the character.

I am not a fan who will make excuses for my fave. I deal with the writing as it is and that is all I can deal with. I hate when a fan will justify what their favorite is doing by saying well that is the way he is being written right now. It leaves me going WTF because it is a soap opera and the way the character is being written is how he is - it is there now - it is part of that character's history now and it is what we have to deal with - it is what is on screen.

Marlena is being written awfully right now. The wishy washy, I don't know thing is simply not her. I love her but she really has to stop talking about that darn disc! I have really grown to hate that disc.

I hate NuJohn because he is an unfeeling jerk, and yes I get that he has no emotions but if he doesn't care about anyone who he hurts why should I care about him. The writers have to give me something to feel for and have yet to deliver with Jawn!

I like EJ and Ejami but I think Sheffer et al, did a huge disservice to fans of the show by making him rape Sami. This wil continue to cause many to hate EJ because that action is unforgiveable especially if you claim to love the person you raped!

Its complicated yet somewhat simple.

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