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I don't get the "she has been doing this for years" comment...didn't ES just join Days a year ago? So that means other producers, etc, were okay with this actress writing her own lines and scene partners?

I just don't buy Ali Sweeney as she just doesn't have the time....that, and the writing for her the past year has sucked so bad that I am not sure I can think of one fan who didn't hate her once last year. She didn't write that, and we already know that the Santeen stuff didn't end the way any fan including the actors had in mind. Didn't Tom Cassiello address that the writers changed it?

And wouldn't Tom not be so appalled to hear about this if he knew about it from his writing job...since it has been going on for years?
Also "line changing" is a whole lot different than "story" changing.

Something doesn't gel.
Why don't they just say who it is and offer up some proof, especially if everyone knows. All this implying and hidden meaning drives me nuts...and doesn't really get us anywhere.
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