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Steve Frame
Aug 2 2008, 02:35 PM
Aug 2 2008, 01:02 PM
So you want the show to tell you who or what to root for instead of deciding that for yourself.
I can't speak for who that was directed to, but I can speak for myself.

Many times in my 38 years of watching soap operas story has dictated who I root for. I for one do not get stuck on one character and root for them no matter what - never have and never will. I don't even pick one type of character and always root for them.

Direction of story and so forth do that for me. That is what being a fan of the whole show means. I have always been a fan of Sami and even though I didn't root for her many times, I still enjoyed her. But the direction of the way she has been written last year and even some this year have ruined the character for me. I cannot root for the whiny little wimpy Sami at all.

Often times characters do things that are inexcusable - even characters I have rooted for in the past. I was a big EJ fan until he raped Sami. That caused me to no longer root for him. I still like James Scott, but the direction of the story caused me not to root for the character.

I am not a fan who will make excuses for my fave. I deal with the writing as it is and that is all I can deal with. I hate when a fan will justify what their favorite is doing by saying well that is the way he is being written right now. It leaves me going WTF because it is a soap opera and the way the character is being written is how he is - it is there now - it is part of that character's history now and it is what we have to deal with - it is what is on screen.
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