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Steve Frame
Aug 2 2008, 02:20 PM
That is where the problem comes in with this board. Many of you are bashing him, but Nelson shared info with the members here that he was not willing to share in his article. He was giving us and his fellow DR members more info and what do many of us do - we stab him in the back.

He gave us those details because many on this board pushed and pushed and pushed. I doubt seriously he will ever do it again after the way he is being treated. He didn't post the info anywhere else and some of the stuff that Nelson said here was picked up by members here and taken to other baords by posters and not by him.

As you said on the bottom of your post - what Nelson said is just speculation and he left it at that. He said that if Days complied that might be all there is to it. He did not say for a fact that it was all that they would do - he was just speculating and stating that he heard that might be the end of it.

Again he was told what the photographic evidence was and that it was turned over to the WGA. he has no control over what Days does and what the WGA does. Taht is up to them. All Nelson and TV Guide do is report what they do.

I commend you for your love for the show, but I learned a long time ago Days isn't perfect and the people behind the scenes at Days are not perfect. Days has been the scene of backstage upheaval and fights since the 70's. William Bell and Betty Corday went to court. Pat Falken Smith sued Betty Corday and others on teh Days staff - not once but twice - and won. The ladies behind the scenes in the late 70's were constant fodder for the mags for their backstage feuds with Susan Seaforth Hayes. The Hayes spoke out harshly about Days to Soap Opera Digest in 1984 when they were both fired from the show. Even though Betty Corday and Al Rabin were the Exec. Producers at the time, the only one that spoke in the article about the firings was Ken Corday. Both Thaao and Joe have spoken out harshly toward Days in the last few years.

The people behind Days are not perfect - they are human just like all of us. They make mistakes - sometimes small ones and sometimes big ones. To those than can ignore it out of love for the show that is great, but it still doesn't make the wrong that they do go away.
I truly had no idea about all the scandal and goings on behind the scenes at DAYS over the years. I'm actually glad I didn't know all that at the time because I was able to simply enjoy the show and now that I know, it taints things a little bit. But I have to wonder--why hasn't someone written a soap within a soap TV series? That would be quite a drama.

Anyway, thanks to Nelson for being willing to report the news as he knows it. It takes guts to put out information you know isn't going to be popular. I wish I knew all the facts, but I'm sure I never will and that's probably for the best. I think I prefer the fictional Salem to the real life goings on. And I hope no one takes any of my comments for bashing, because for me it just comes down to wanting to believe everything is going to work out somehow and the show will continue. I'm trying desperately to stay positive.
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