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Aug 2 2008, 04:48 PM
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Aug 1 2008, 05:08 PM
Eric and Brady best not be coming back. 1) Eric isn't a good actor and 2) Brady isn't needed right now, plus he's one of the most boring characters in DAYS history.
I want the one and only Brady Black to return, Kyle Lowder and I want to see Nicole's reaction when he does.

She'll be "EJ who?". :makeout:
Can't agree with you there, when and if Brady returns he must be a much darker character and Kyle Lowder would not eb able to pull that off.
I don't see why not.

I wouldn't count someone out. I've heard Kristen Storms is doing a great job at GH and I never thought she oculd act her way out of paper bag on DAYS.
Yes, she has improved but she's just good a playing a bitch. With Kyle Lowder I watch him on B&B, and though he has improved, a strong actor could really prove to make Brady a great character. Personally, if Chad Brannon was in the role I would be ecstatic.
Brady was dark-ish back when he first began, with his little issues with Marlena and attitude towards others. I don't see how you can say that he wouldn't be able to do it when he doesn't seem like he's been afforded the opportunity like what's on the plate with the Brady character at the moment.

And the chemistry thing needs to work with more than just one person. It definitely needs to gel with him and Drake, which is something I don't see that Brannon person doing. Lowder and Hogestyn had pretty good father/son chemistry on the show and Lowder actually looked like he could be John's son. All they'd have to do for Lowder is stop writing Brady as a lovelorn goody good and give the Brady character back the edge he had earlier on in the show.
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