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I agree with Steve and the others.

First off, many media outlets knew about this story (including SON) and Nelson was the only one that reported it. Now we have Linda Hirsh citing Nelson and adding it a bit to it. This is serious business and no doubt others stayed away from this story because they didn't want to receive the amount of backlash Nelson is, which IMO is unfair. Why does it matter how many sources? The names can't be revealed so what's the point? Hell, having one source is enough in a story like this considering Nelson is very reliable and doesn't just report anything.

It was mentioned in this thread how some posters here on DR even heard from other sources that this story was true from very reliable sources and even have a fairly good idea who the diva is, with evidence to back it up. It's just that it was danced around and people are reluctant to say it because it's not out in the open and those that did acquire the info want to make sure, with good reason, that it doesn't get back to them.

I'm very grateful Nelson reported this story and think the way it was reported is fine. He was also nice enough to address some issues and clarify some while also speculating what may or may not happen. He told us it could all very well blow over but that it was still going to be bad for Days regardless (with Higley staying and so on). Nelson went out of his way and took a major risk bringing us this story and I hate how he is being treated across the net and even on here to a certain degree. Not everyone has to like him or his column but I do think his efforts to bring this to us should be appreciated and that he shouldn't be criticized for things that are out of his hands due to the circumstances.
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