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Aug 2 2008, 10:51 AM
Aug 2 2008, 04:37 AM
Victor had a stroke because he saw the pictures of Kate as a prostitute that Sami was blackmailing her with!

Oh, nevermind. That was back when the show was actually watchable. Who knows what this stroke was caused by, and furthermore, does anybody really give a shit? LoL
This stroke, somewhat on the heels of Victor stepping up to help Bo with his near death illness and Shawn Sr.'s death, has been used somewhat as a catalyst to cause Bo to rethink his Kiriakis heritage and what it means to him. I think if they continue to develop that angle, it is an interesting story for Bo. In a pragmatic effect, it was the catalyst to have Bo cover up the evidence against Philip. I am curious, also, whether it will bring to light if there is something more to the relationship between Dan and Victor.
I agree. That is why It's my favorite story. it makes sense and forces Bo to confront his Kiriakis roots. With Shawn Sr gone, it just works. I like the fact that Victor's stroke actually meant something, which is a sign that the show is at least improving and we aren't just getting random events with no consequences.

I would like to see the Dan and Victor thing lead to something more, perhaps something that is quite dark. Higley does seem to enjoy the Kiriakis family. She wrote for Victor alot her first stunt and brought Philip back. This time, she brought Nicole back and has given us more of Victor and alot of Philip and has focused alot on Bo's Kiriakis side. I like that. It's about time they confronted that story angle.
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