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Aug 2 2008, 06:43 PM
IMO, Days caters too much to the audience. I've seen it time and time again: They start a story and as soon as they get negative response to it, they change it. Then someone else reacts badly and they change it again and it keeps going in a cycle. We don't know what's going to happen from one day to the next.

You saved me the trouble of yet another long post. Thanks OBK :hail: .

Seriously, it's so hard to please an audience when it's so divided. So many different people want so many different things. Until Days grasps the fact that no matter who writes and what they do they can't please everyone (hell, half the audience will be upset no matter what they do), they will be in this constant cycle of backtracking and dumping stories, leading to more inconsistency. The show's already a watered down shell of itself and it's only going to get worse until Days commits to just trying to do what is right for the show, which is telling good dramatic stories. They need to take risks and they can't worry about pleasing everyone. Just try to please who you can and no more backtracking. If something fails, don't just drop it. Figure out a way to use it to further another story or something and then move on. Days just needs to do what is best for the show as a whole and just needs to worry about telling good stories, which has always been the secret to success for any show and Days is no exception.
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