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Steve Frame
Aug 3 2008, 12:12 AM
I don't see the big deal about how many sources there are any way. The majority of times it is one person that leaks stuff out of the studio to a reporter - it is not as if he has 5 or 6 people who were willing to risk their jobs.

Watergate was broken by one source who went to Woodward and Bernstein. Did that make it not happen because it was one source who went to the reporters?

It was only Thaao Penghlis who revealed to the press that it was Marlena who was the SSK killer back in 2003. Should the reporter have said well if I don't have more than just you telling me this I shouldn't print it.

The majority of stories are broken by one source or one insider. the stuff that we reported here back last year about John's death - came from one source.

I just don't see what the big deal is about how many sources. It is hardly ever a time when a reporter reveals that any way.
Difference is: This isn't Watergate, nor anything as serious as it. And it's not some actor dropping spoilers about a storyline that he himself is involved in.

It might take one person to break the story, but once it's out there he should have other sources coming out with additional information. And any good reporter would check, recheck and check their story again to confirm it's credibility (ie. corroborating this person's statements with that from other reliable sources). He's getting the shit thrown on him by people because he did not do this in any visible manner (ie. quotes from more than just one of those sources).

By the way, to Tammy and anyone else who is misunderstanding, I never said that he should name names and give up the person's identity. Not once. I even flat out stated that he couldn't give out that information, lest he lose the trust of those who give him his information and costs them their job.

Him, also, listing a ballpark number of sources and/or quoting from more than just one wouldn't cost those people their jobs. The only way they'd get fired is if A) He gave out their names or B) they weren't careful about how and were they gave out that information and someone found out it was them.
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