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Aug 1 2008, 02:35 AM
^^^ And I agree with you. It IS a sad situation, and I also agree that a lot of fan bases arent' as patient as they should be.

I've always said you can EVENTUALLY get EJ and Sami together (a PERFECT PRIME example of that is ROger and Holly on GL... that rape was NEVER white-washed, and yet, twenty years later, their scenes together were STILL electric)... but it couldn't be done in one episode where they talk about what happened that night in three scenes and then she has sex with him.

But sadly, the EJami fans wanted instant gratification. ANd they got it. And all it cost them was strong storytelling and (in my opinion) all the aspects of EJ's personality that made him interesting in the first place. (I've said it before and I'll say it again - now he's just a taller version of Lucas with a British accent... and that's a crying shame.).

Woah... I just realized what I typed. The EJami thing was simply MY EXAMPLE. It was the first thing that came to mind, but it is IN NO WAY the ONLY case of this happening on Days. I'm so sorry I used it, but at the same time, I won't delete it because it proves my point. But believe me - this is NOT a post that's anti-EJami. So please don't freak on me. :)

I remember watching soaps in the 80's. I remember watching DOOL in the 80's. I sat through almost TWO YEARS of Jack/Kayla/Steve - from the beginning, when it was your typical soap triangle of street guy vs. rich guy... through the rape... through Kayla losing her hearing... up until the wedding on the boat when she spoke for the first time... and I remember actually feelign somewhat SYMPATHETIC for the GUY WHO RAPED HER A YEAR EARLIER as he watched sadly his brother marry the women he loved, and the marriage he destroyed all over one night of horrific territorialism.

I really wonder sometimes if today's audience would put up with a story like that... never mind the much LONGER love story of Doug and Julie ten years BEFORE Steve and Kayla. Now, if a couple isn't a couple within six months, the fanbases raise holy hell.

Sorry. I'm realizing as I type this I might be openng a huge can of worms. But I won't delete it because it's what I believe. Feel free to disagree.
I'm a diehard Jarlena fan, but I agree with you. I'm actually enjoying the current s/l (though I think there are severe issues with the writing itself being incoherent).

I readily admit that while I've enjoyed many non-JM stories on Days, I tend to watch just for John and Marlena. I know I'm very attached to them as a couple, moreso than any other. I just think that their love is a pure fantasy 'true love' story. After all these years of watching and seeing all they've endured to be together, I can't stand the thought of their true love dying. They went thru extreme circumstances. Can't we have at least one couple have a love that can't be torn asunder.

However, Java doesn't bother me in the least because if I don't think John and Marlena's love can't withstand any competition, then I don't have any faith in that love. I want Ava to leave so we can see John and Marlena moving back together, but I don't have a problem with John being with Ava from a story (as told by these writers) standpoint. She was there when John needed her, Marlena wasn't. I'm hoping she will be soon.

I want to see John and Marlena be interesting and exciting, not just sitting there kissing, etc all the time (not that I have anything against 'etc'). I do want them to evolve and do different things. For me the key is a good story. I can handle them split up by a good story for a year or two (7 years is a bit too long imo), but I'd like to have hope of them getting together at the end. If along the way, the story doesn't go my way (and they haven't convinced me otherwise), I'll and live with it or leave, but I don't want the writers to avoid writing a good story for fear that I'll leave. People are different. If I leave and they've written the story well, ten more fans who DO like the story may join. That's life. I don't want John and Marlena to be boring because I'm afraid they'll be split up permanently.

I also happen to think a good story doesn't have to be one where a couple is hooking up romantically. There can be angst for the couple, but can't they be doing some other tried and true s/ls vs triangle stories? Like trying to save Aunt Viv from some scam she's gotten involved in, going undercover working for or allying with a suspicious organization to get info about them, trying to stop a villain from putting lethal chemicals in the water supply, realizing the mayor is masterminding a plan to take over the presidency and trying to stop him while all the cops in Salem are working for him, a new doctor in town trying to bring new ideas to the hospital with some people standing behind him trying to help and while other unsavory characters are trying to prevent him, getting involved in youth programs in the poor sections of town to give them a chance at a better life, aliens abducting Caroline and all the Bradys joining forces to save her, etc. There has to be something besides a romantic triangle that is just fluff for the happily married vets to go thru.
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