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Aug 3 2008, 01:04 AM
Aug 2 2008, 03:47 PM
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Jul 30 2008, 08:53 PM
I dont get why some fans are still trying to force John and Marlena on us all when even the actors playing them dont even want to be coupled anymore.
Because for them, without J&M, there is no show, and thus, no reason to continue watching.
I have to disagree. The show functioned fine when DHer left before and it would continue to function without her. It's not the actors it's all about the writers.

No one couple/character should ever have the power to make or break a show.

I barely remember when John and Marlena were entertaining, but that was years ago. Now they're just boring and I couldn't care less about Marlena and John.

OTOH, Drake has taken a character who was totally played out and turned him into someone who's exciting again. Someone I flove to watch. He's brand spanking new and the possibilities are endless.

Too bad Deidre can't have that same option.

It really is too bad.

That is why the whole "Samantha" angle is appealing to me. It will allow Dee to play with something new and different. Just look at what she did with possessed Marlena and Marlena as the SSK or even vengeful Marlena last year. When they let Dee do something out of her normal element, she really gets into it and delivers. Every actor and actress wants to be challenged. The key is doing it in a way that makes them happy and the audience and it can be done. The "new" John is working for many and was working for J&M fans until Ava for the most part.

I'm a J&M fan, but the story is working for me even with Ava. I think the way they made Marlena act, someone was needed to accept John. Since Ava was scheduled to leave, I was actually happy it was her vs a character who would be staying on.

I feel J&M have been revitalized and I'm glad they are part of a big story. I hope in the end, we'll have another great love story as they come back together. :)

I honestly do think the writing has been bad. I'd certainly like more exploration of what John went thru and is thinking now, what Marlena's going thru (why she's acting so out of character), and the same is true of most every s/l in the show, but it seems to be getting better lately, imo. If Ed's writing it, I hope he continues, lol.
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