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Steve Frame
Aug 3 2008, 09:15 AM
I am fully determined with some people that it wouldn't matter if it was 10 people who spilled the beans or 5 or 50. No matter what Nelson says or whoever says they won't believe and they will demand more.
Well, that's being very.. generalized about it. He was the one that hyped the story up to full blast. You don't say, basically, "Hey, this his the biggest, nastiest story of the year that Days can potentially never recover from."x100. He should have kept it low key, said Dena walked out and quit and there was a bigger story involved, but he is unable to say anything further until Monday.. and then let the information speak for itself in his next report. You don't hype something up to high heaven, deliver what he did, and then shoot the audience for getting their expectations up when he's the one that is at fault for it for hyping it the way he did.

And yes, it would matter. You don't do what he did and quote ONE source. He had a full weekend to call contacts on the set or in the WGA (if he has any of either) and add a variety of quotes that can help add some credibility and legitimacy to his story. As it was, it came off like a blind item with some details filled in.
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